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I did not get the registration email.


Please make sure to check your SPAM folder. You should get an email confirmation from

The registration screen is hung and not moving.


Sometimes due to the load on the server, the browser seems to hang in between. Please close and open the link again and retry.

How many agents are supported to receive calls?


Freedial Business comes with a standard 1 free license. You may login on FREEDIAL BUSINESS app or the EPBAX Console, login using your credentials and start receiving calls.

If you want more users/agents, you need to subscribe to packages under "Subscriptions" in "Company" tab in your PBX Console screen.


Once subscribed, you will be able to create additional users. These users can then login using the registered email id and password given by the administrator in EPBX Console.

Do my agents need to download any app?


Yes, agents who need to answer customer calls will have to download the Freedial Business app from the app store using their login credentials. 

How can my customers call my agents?


Your customers need to download the Freedial Retail app. Once they have downloaded and registered themselves, they will be able to find you in the contacts list and can start calling for free. The call will land directly to your EPBX Console or the next available agent on FREEDIAL Business app.

I am not getting OTP messages on registering by phone.


We are using Nexmo (Vonage) for delivery of SMS. Sometimes the SMS delivery might not happen due to end network problems..

We request you to please ask your customer to register using email in such an event.

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