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Are all calls I make via Freedial actually free?


Absolutely, all calls made by you to the company or enterprise you are calling are absolutely free. You only pay for the internet data that you are using already to browse websites.

I cannot find the company I want to call?


Please ask your company once to create a free account with FREEDIAL BUSINESS.


Once they join, you will be able to find them in the contacts list and dial them for free.

Can I call any company globally?


Absolutely yes. You can call all companies listed in the address book of FREEDIAL Personal from anywhere in the world on the click of the button. All you need is an internet connection and the FREEDIAL app.

I see two apps on the app store. Which one is for me?


The FREEDIAL Personal app with the RED logo is for you. 

I am not getting OTP messages on registering by phone.


We are using Nexmo (Vonage) for delivery of SMS. Sometimes the SMS delivery might not happen due to end network problems..

We request you to please ask your customer to register using email in such an event.

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